Stephanie Loredo


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Title: Master's Candidate, Wildlife Science

Advisor: Robert Suryan & Donald Lyons

Email: [email protected]


Oregon State University
Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Dr.
Newport, Oregon 97365


B.S.  – Environmental Science and Biology, University of Oregon, 2012

Research interests: Avian ecology and conservation, marine spatial planning, conservation management, marine renewable energy implications, behavioral ecology, community ecology, population dynamics, and natural resource management

Biography: My origins root back to Colombia and Peru. The transition to Oregon from South America instilled my appreciation for the natural world and triggered my desire to pursue a career in the protection of Earth’s wildlife and resources.

I have experience in Latino outreach, environmental education, raptor rehabilitation, and avian fieldwork and research. I am currently seeking a Master’s in Wildlife Science through the Seabird Oceanography Lab. I use satellite transmitters to study the foraging behaviors and habitat preference of common murres (Uria aalge) off Oregon during the breeding and non-breeding season.