Workshops and Tours


Drawing of an octopus and the words, HMSC Research Summit.

2023 Tour and Workshop Descriptions



iLab Tour

The Hatfield Innovation Lab (iLab) is a hub for creativity and exploration, a place where ideas can be designed and built.  Learn how to take your project from the idea phase to fabricating and testing a prototype and into production. This is an indoor lab tour.

Tour Guides: Jacob Amos (OSU) and Drummond Wengrove (OSU)


Hatfield Seawater System Tour

The Hatfield Marine Science Center has a sophisticated seawater distribution system providing reliable access to high-quality seawater needed for a variety of experiments and research around campus. Come check out how seawater gets from the bay into the labs. This is a walking tour.

Tour Guide: Jim Lewis (OSU)


Climate Monitoring Station Tour

A collaboration of agencies at Hatfield Marine Science Center is creating a robust long-term climate monitoring site off the new pump house pier. The Climate Monitoring station includes space and infrastructure for in situ and benchtop sampling instruments and room for an innovation instrumentation test berth. Come check out the progress and learn how you can get involved. The tour will include walking out to the pump house.

Tour Guide: TChris Mochon Collura (EPA)


AFSC Lab Tour

The Alaska Fisheries Science Center's Fisheries Behavioral Ecology Program conducts research on the behavioral responses of commercially important marine fishes to environmental factors that are critical to controlling distribution and survival from egg to adult. Come check out the lab that consists of more than 17,000 cubic feet of tank space housed in over 18,000 square feet of wet laboratory space supplied with 500 gallons per minute of seawater. This tour will walk over to the Research Support Facility (RSF) building and then be indoors.

Tour Guide: Tom Hurst (NOAA)


Hatfield Visitor Center Tour

Come get a hug from an urchin, smash your LEGO house with a simulated tsunami wave, or hop on to the simulator and try to pilot a ship under the bridge in this private tour of the Visitor Center. While you are there exploring with renewed child-like wonder, talk one-on-one with us about tips for communicating science to the public or possibly collaborating on a public exhibit of your work. This tour will walk over to the Visitor Center and then be indoors.

Tour Guides: Renee Fowler (OSU, Oregon Sea Grant) and Shawn Rowe (OSU, Oregon Sea Grant)



AI@Work: Using text-generating AI tools in your daily work

What’s ChatGPT, and why am I hearing about generative AI every day now? How can I leverage text-generating AI tools to support my daily workflow? Can I save time and increase my productivity? What are the ethical concerns? This workshop will help answer these questions while providing hands-on practice. Prior to the workshop, try out ChatGPT and Bing (a search engine that uses the more advanced GPT-4 in its creative chat mode) at least briefly because together, we’ll be exploring these two AI tools. Bring a laptop.

Target Audience: Open to everyone - staff, faculty or students

Workshop Instructor: Cub Kahn (OSU)


Tricks and tips for going to sea

While more and more of the ocean can be observed remotely, some things still require someone to pull a net or take a sample far from shore.  This workshop will discuss all aspects of going to sea on research and chartered commercial fishing boats: what to expect, what to wear and bring, which seasick meds work best, what not to do, and what you need to know.  We’ll even have some survival suits you can try on (putting one on for the first time after the ship has left port is not ideal).  The workshop leaders have spent decades going to sea on a variety of research and chartered commercial vessels and will share their experiences and answer questions.

Target Audience: People who want to learn more about what it’s like to go to sea to conduct research or want to share their own experiences

Workshop Instructor: Laurie Weitkamp (NOAA), Julia Clemons (NOAA), and Alicia Billings (NOAA)


Science Storytelling: Transform your science into an epic tale!

Lindsay Carroll and Nancy Steinberg will present a hands-on workshop on how to tell your science story to non-science audiences. Tips and tricks for science communication will be shared, along with one possible framework for constructing a cohesive narrative. Participants will try their hand at outlining a story, which can be morphed into a written piece, a poster for public events, a museum display or any number of other products. If time allows, we may also play with a fun tool that will help you think differently about jargon as you communicate your science! 

Workshop Instructors: Lindsey Carroll (OSU, Oregon Sea Grant) and Nancy Steinberg (OSU)

Grant Writing 101

Workshop Instructors: Tracy Crews (OSU, Oregon Sea Grant) and Julie Risien (OSU)