Space Use at Hatfield

Policies, Procedures and Forms

This page serves as a portal to policies and procedures for requesting and using space at Hatfield. Here, you will find information to guide your space request, depending on who you are, what type of space you need, and for how long.   You will also find links to the most current Hatfield space use policies. If you have any questions, please contact the Research Facility Coordinator, Cinamon Moffett.

Space Use Definitions

HMSC has four distinct user groups:

HMSC Resident:  OSU faculty, staff, or students assigned to the HMSC campus full time, and their main office and research space are located on the HMSC campus.

HMSC Non-Resident:  OSU faculty, staff, or students who utilize the HMSC campus, but their main office and research space are located on the main OSU campus in Corvallis.

HMSC Emeritus and Courtesy Faculty:  OSU Emeritus and Courtesy Faculty utilizing the HMSC campus.

HMSC Visitor:  HMSC Visitors are HMSC non-resident or non-OSU faculty or students that need access to space on the HMSC campus seasonally, episodically, or for one-time use for less than one year at a time.  

HMSC has several different space types that may be allocated to a user group.

Classrooms and Classroom Lab Space
Lab (standard, shared, and touchdown)
Meeting rooms
Office/Desk Space
Outdoor Storage Space

HMSC user groups may need to use a space type for various lengths of time.

  • Hourly/Daily: Less than 72 hours
  • Short-term Use: Less than one year
  • Long-term Use: Greater than one year

To Request Space

Space allocation forms and procedures for each user group based on the proposed duration of use and room type are available at the links below. If you have any questions, contact the Research Facility Coordinator, Cinamon Moffett.

Housing request
Housing policies
Meeting room request
Short-term request for lab space
Short-term request for office/desk space
HMSC Resident requesting office space for incoming HMSC Visitor or Resident Student/Postdoc
Outdoor storage space request
Long-term request for lab or office space
Equipment Request Form

** Please note: if any space is required to fulfill grant activities, the HMSC Director must sign off on the proposal before submitting it to the grantor. Failure to do so will incur a substantial risk of space not being available, even if the proposal is funded.

HMSC Space Policies

HMSC Space Allocation Plan           
Meeting Room Policies
HMSC Space Use Policies