Storage Policy for Building and Grounds

Storage Policy for Building & Grounds


The intent of the Hatfield Marine Science Center Storage Policy is to provide a clean, orderly, and safe place for people to work or visit. To accomplish this, the following rules for storage have been adopted. For PDF version, click here.

1. The director or his designee will assign all storage that is outside a program or department’s space.

2. Before items are placed in the HMSC storage lots, a formal request for approval will be made to the HMSC Facilities Manager.

3. Every effort will be made to keep onsite storage for large, long-term items to a minimum. Offsite storage rental will be used for long-term storage. Long term storage is defined as an item stored for more than one year.

4. All equipment stored will have a weatherproof tag attached to it labeled with the following: department/group name, name and phone number of the person in the department responsible for the stored article, date it was put in storage, and the planned term of storage; you may make your own tag or get one from HMSC Facilities.

5. All vehicles and equipment will meet the following conditions for storage;
    A. Everything stored must be operational;
    B. Motorized units are to be maintained so they will start and run;
    C. Licenses will be kept current;
    D. Trailers and trailerable items must be in a condition to be safely towed, have wheels and licenses as needed for on-highway use;
    E. Anything stored will be kept well maintained, rust removed and painted;
    F. Stored equipment not used within the past 12 months should be removed from the lot and taken to off-site storage; 

Owners of items that do not meet these criteria will receive a written notice of noncompliance. They will have 30 days from the issuance of the notice of non-compliance to meet the conditions for storage at HMSC or to remove the item from HMSC.

HMSC Facilities will be responsible for making sure that rules in this policy are carried out; outdoor lots and storage areas will be surveyed monthly.