Every year, nearly $100K is awarded to bright, engaging and hopeful undergraduate and graduate students to participate in research experiences, teach experiential courses and reach out to the public about the relevance of their science. Hatfield’s donors continue to recognize and support students’ needs for research and lab experience that directly relate to their career interests in marine science. These research awards provide students with real-world training opportunities in writing research proposals and reports, managing a research budget, and communicating their research findings at the Annual Markham Symposium in October. 

We thank our many donors for recognizing and invigorating our student researchers at Hatfield. For further information on scholarships, fellowships and awards, contact Itchung Cheung.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Cecil and Martha MacGregor Scholarship in Marine Science

This scholarship is given to up to four students. Each award of $250 goes to cover housing expenses for undergraduate OSU student(s) taking coursework during summer and in residence at Hatfield. Application deadline: June 15.

The Holt Award offers up to $6,000 to support an undergraduate or graduate student project whose outcomes benefit marine education. Application deadline: May 4.


Undergrad Internships


The Hatfield Marine Science Center offers a broad range of internships through a variety of programs, departments, and agencies affiliated with the center. Opportunities exist for graduates, undergraduates, and community college students. Potential research areas include collection and analysis of fish/zooplankton; marine predator/prey studies; Pacific halibut ecology/behavior studies; physical oceanography; science education and informal learning; and science communication and outreach.

OSU Hatfield Internship Opportunities

Additional Internship Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities