Veterinary Medicine - Graduate Program

Veterinary Medicine @ Hatfield


In the field of marine science, veterinarians work to support aquatic animal husbandry, providing the backbone of animal health to industries and the public. Graduates from OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine conduct biomedical research, educate the public and work towards diagnosing and ultimately preventing animal diseases.

Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan focuses his research on ornamental fish health and aquatic animal husbandry and health management. As Assistant Professor of Aquatic Animal Health in OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and an Extension Educator with Oregon Sea Grant, he works to provide educational programming and service to Oregon’s aquarium industry, as well as to wholesalers, retailers and hobbyists. Over the years, he has conducted research on herpes virus in koi fish and bacteria in imported ornamental fish. He also manages and serves as a clinical veterinarian to the Animal Husbandry program at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center, which cares for the center's extensive collection of live fish and invertebrates. He also serves as the clinical veterinarian for all aquatic animal facilities at OSU.


VMB 727 - Ornamental Fish Medicine (2 credits - Spring)

Tim Miller-Morgan, Assistant Professor, Extension Educator, 541-867-0265