Ecological Effects of Wave Energy Development in the Pacific Northwest

A Scientific Workshop

October 11 - 12, 2007

Information & Background Documents

Documents on this page are intended to serve as background on wave energy and the potential ecological effects of its development.  We are asking participants to review the workshop “white paper” prior to the workshop.  The remaining documents are for background and provide a wide range of previous scientific thinking on potential environmental impacts of offshore energy production.

Workshop White Paper: Wave Energy Ecological Effects Workshop Ecological Assessment Briefing Paper (PDF, 1.6 MB), compiled by Greg McMurray.


Other documents and agency reports


Danish Offshore Wind -- Key Environmental Issues, (PDF, 7MB), Dong Energy, Vattenfall.  Danish Energy Authority, Danish Forest and Nature Agency.


United Kingdom

Scottish Executive: Scottish Environmental Assessment: Information Site for the Marine Renewables Strategic Environmental Assessment (link no longer work 2012)
The full Environmental Report, including Non-technical Summary, was published on 30 March 2007. This marks the start of a wide-ranging consultation process over a 12-week period, which finishes on 22 June 2007.

COWRIE (Collaborative Offshore Wind Research Into The Environment)
The Potential Impact of Electromagnetic Fields generated by offshore windfarm cables (link may no longer work. 2012)


United States

Minerals Management Service
Worldwide Synthesis and Analysis of Existing Information Regarding Environmental Effects of Alternative Energy Uses on the Outer Continental Shelf, (PDF, 7.5 MB), July, 2007.  OCS Study, MMS 2007-038.  MMS Alternative Energy Workshop.

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Electricity Generation Using Alternative Energy Resources on the Outer Continental Shelf, OCS Study, MMS 2007-013

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
EPRI Wave Energy Conversion Project, A variety of studies, site reports, and briefings on the topic of wave energy development.

OCS Alternative Energy Programmatic EIS
Guide to the OCS Alternative Energy Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).