Newport Hydrographic Line Ecosystem Studies

Lab Description

The Newport Line team monitors the pulse of the ocean with year-round, bi-weekly sampling of phyto-, zoo-, ichthyo-plankton, and hydrography in continental shelf and oceanic waters off Newport, Oregon. Originated by the late Bill Peterson, this 25-year time series along the Newport Hydrographic (NH) Line collates key physical, chemical, and biological oceanographic metrics. These data are distilled into a “stoplight” chart of ocean ecosystem indicators used to characterize the habitat and survival of juvenile salmonids.   

The high-frequency NH Line sampling also provides data on critical and emerging issues—like marine heatwaves, ocean acidification, hypoxia, and harmful algal blooms—for fishing communities and federal, state, tribal, and academic organizations.

We work with collaborators from various academic institutions and government agencies to answer ecological questions and address management concerns in the northern California Current Large Marine Ecosystem.

View or obtain NH Line data on the CCIEA data portal or make a data request.

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Read more about NH Line history and other projects on the NH Line. 


Principal Investigators
Headshot of Kym Jacobson
Research Zoologist (NOAA-NWFSC)
Jennifer Fisher headshot, wearing a knit winter hat.
Research Fisheries Biologist (NOAA-NWFSC)
Samantha Zeman wearing a yellow rain jacket and baseball hat, standing on the deck of a boat in the ocean.
Faculty Research Assistant (OSU-CIMERS)
Cheryl Morgan wearing an orange life vest and gray baseball hat and holds a large salmon in her hands.
Senior Faculty Research Assistant (OSU-CIMERS)
Anna Bolm wears a life vest and winter cap while standing on a boat.
Faculty Research Assistant (OSU-CIMERS)
A selfies of Tody Auth with the Yaquina Bay Bridge in the background.
Fisheries Biologist 2 (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission)
Elizabeth Daly wearing a yellow life jacket and winter hat, stands on a boat.
Trophic Ecologist (OSU-CIMERS)
Research Area(s)
Shifting Ecosystems