Hatfield Marine Science Center

Improving scientific understanding and applying that knowledge to
social, economic and environmental solutions.

Two young women on a boat at sea wearing life jackets and hard hats.

29th Annual Markham Research Symposium

Thursday, June 20, 2:00 - 5:30 pm

Glayds Valley Marine Studies Building, Carmen Ford Phillips Auditorium
This event is free and open to the public. No registration is required.

This year's keynote speaker is Dr. Brittany Schwartzkopf, a Research Fish Biologist at NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center. This talk has a hybrid option.

Poster session featuring student awardees and Ignite Talks by previous student award winners.

Expanding our campus

$16.5 million in funding was approved for a 34,000-square-foot housing project to accommodate primarily upper division and graduate students and visiting professionals and staff studying or working at Hatfield. This complex was conceived as a response to the housing shortage in the Newport area, and it will ease a portion of the local housing demand.

The complex will include 72 studio-style apartments and five two-bedroom family units. The new housing will be a quick walk from the Hatfield campus and located outside of the tsunami zone.

On the Leading Edge

The Hatfield Marine Science Center is a distinguished marine laboratory located in Newport, Oregon.

Now in its 55th year of operation, Hatfield serves as Oregon State University’s coastal campus and as an oceanographic research base for six state and federal agencies. It is also a resource for K-12 educators and the public.

At Hatfield, we excel in student research opportunities and experiential instruction. We host a thriving summer internship program and offer an array of academic programs for students in community college through post-doc.



OSU News Release

Pacific coast gray whales have gotten 13% shorter in the past 20-30 years, Oregon State study finds

June 12, 2024
Gray whales that spend their summers feeding in the shallow waters off the Pacific Northwest coast have undergone a significant decline in body length since around the year 2000, a new Oregon State University study found. Read full story
OSU News Release

A rise in sea urchins and related damage to kelp forests impacts Oregons gray whales and their food

May 21, 2024
A recent boom in the purple sea urchin population off the southern Oregon Coast appears to have had an indirect and negative impact on the gray whales that usually forage in the region, a new study shows. Read full story
OSU News Release

Reproductive success improves after a single generation in the wild for descendants of some hatchery-origin Chinook salmon

April 16, 2024
Researchers who created family trees for nearly 10,000 fish found that first-generation, wild-born descendants of hatchery-origin Chinook salmon in an Oregon river show improved fitness. Read full story
OSU News Release

Hypoxia is widespread and increasing in the ocean off the Pacific Northwest coast

March 20, 2024
Low oxygen conditions that pose a significant threat to marine life are widespread and increasing in coastal Pacific Northwest ocean waters as the climate warms, a new study shows. Read full story
OSU News Release

Marine heat waves disrupt the ocean food web in the northeast Pacific Ocean

March 13, 2024
Marine heat waves in the northeast Pacific Ocean create ongoing and complex disruptions of the ocean food web that may benefit some species but threaten the future of many others, a new study has shown. Read full story