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The Hatfield Marine Science Center is a national leader in marine research as well as a hub for scholarship on the Oregon coast. At Hatfield, our culture of collaboration is distinguished for advancing oceanographic research and supporting academic programs and opportunities for secondary and post-secondary education students.

We welcome all forms of support for the Hatfield Marine Science Center and its programs! Please consider a general donation to Hatfield or a more targeted gift to one of the specific funds listed below. We also welcome volunteer support.

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A note on giving - The "Donate Now" button takes you to the OSU Foundation. Select a fund from the drop-down menu or start typing the fund name you wish to support, and it will appear in the online gift form. If you would like assistance with the donation process, please email Shannon Reed or call 541-867-0212.


Our Giving Funds

Our giving funds fall into a few categories. Below is information to help you choose the areas of support that resonate with you and your giving goals.

Supporting the Innovation Lab

This fund supports the Innovation Lab facility as well as students' and scientists' access to and training on state-of-the-art fabrication equipment.

  • HMSC Innovation Lab Fund

Supporting Art and Science Programming

This group of funds supports both a variety of art and science programming designed to stimulate dialogue and help connect us all to the totality of society and its key issues.

  • Art Meets Science

Supporting Research

This group of funds is used to foster research that values multi-disciplinary approaches to complex scientific, social and economic questions.

  • Hatfield Marine Science Center Fund for Excellence
  • Hatfield Marine Science Center Directorship Fund
  • Friends of Hatfield Marine Science Center

Supporting Students

This group of funds supports both undergraduate and graduate students in marine sciences. These funds support the education, hands-on experiences and personal growth of young scientists who will help solve pressing future problems.

  • Hatfield Marine Science Center Fund for Excellence
  • Marine Science Center Scholarship and Fellowship Fund
  • Hatfield Marine Science Center Internship Program
  • Professor Ivan Pratt Memorial Graduate Scholarship Fund
  • Lylian Brucefield Reynolds Scholarship Fund
  • Joan Crebbin Memorial Fellowship Fund
  • Curt and Isabella Holt Education Fund for Marine Science
  • Walter Jones Memorial Award Fund
  • William and Frances McNeil Marine Science Education Fund
  • Bob Moch Memorial Student Fund
  • Anja Robinson Fellowship
  • Markham Scholarship Fund
  • HMSC Student Emergency Fund

Supporting Housing

This group of funds supports both undergraduate and graduate student housing on the coast. By living, studying and working on the coast students have an immersive experience that significantly enhances their education and training.

  • Hatfield Marine Science Center Housing and Dormitory Fund
  • Cecil and Martha MacGregor HMSC Scholarship Fund
  • Winton Housing, Library and Scholarship Fund

Supporting Hatfield Visitor Center and Marine Ed K-12

This group of funds supports both K-12 marine education, the Hatfield Visitor Center and public outreach.

  • Oregon Sea Grant Hatfield Marine Science Center Unrestricted Fund (Visitor Center)
  • Youth and Teacher Education Programs at HMSC

Supporting Visiting Scientists

This fund fosters marine research through collaboration, where visiting scientists bring expertise in diverse disciplines and lay the foundation for professional collaborations across universities and agencies.

  • Lavern Weber Visiting Scientist Fellowship Fund