Jobs at Hatfield

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Jobs at Hatfield

Open positions

Director of Marine Operations

The Hatfield Marine Science Center is seeking a Director of Marine Operations. This is a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month professional faculty position. Under the leadership of the Director of Marine Operations (DMO), the Office of Marine Operations provides centralized, coordinated, and facilitated oversight of OSU’s owned and operated ships, mid-sized vessels, marine technician services, scientific boating, and scientific diving programs including marine-related field and vessel operations safety policy, trainings, guidelines for chartering non-OSU vessels, vessel acquisition, and maintaining a full inventory of vessels and related equipment. The office of Marine Operations includes centralized support of scheduling, billing, communication, operation, researcher coordination, regulatory compliance, and maintenance, repair, and enhancement of the oceanographic research vessels and shore-side facilities. Find a detailed description of this position at OSU HR Jobs, position number P08133UF. The closing date for this position is July 18, 2024.  


Recently closed positions

  • Manager, Student and Campus Services
    This is a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month professional faculty position. This position provides leadership, oversight, and stewardship for all aspects of the student and campus life activities, including operations in housing, student health and wellness, recreation, student leadership development, student behavior and care, and other aspects of campus and student life. This position includes a vibrant community, a beautiful campus setting, and generous health and retirement benefits. The closing date has been extended to April 7, 2024. Posting number P07804UF.
  • Innovation Lab Assistant
    This is a student position (10 hours/week). This job is a combination of learner, designer, builder and mentor. The student will focus on the engineering and design associated with the study of the marine world, developing and building a new project idea or one proposed by the iLab Manager. They will work collaboratively with other students and staff members on a variety of projects. The schedule is determined based on student availability. Closing date March 29, 2024. Posting number P10834SE.
  • Seasonal Marine Education Coordinators, Oregon Sea Grant, Hatfield Visitor Center
    Oregon Sea Grant is hiring 1-2 positions to help with hands-on, K-12 STEM programming from April- September at Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center in Newport. The full consideration date is 3/4/24, closing date is 3/20/24. Posting number P04664CT.