Gain a World of Experience

Hatfield Marine Science Center is expanding its curriculum to support the next generation of multi-disciplinary problem solvers.

Undergraduate Programs @ HMSC


Gain experiences directly related and applicable to your career interests in the marine environment. HMSC engages undergraduate and graduate students in research, teaching and learning in experiential courses and public outreach about current needs in and along the marine environment. These valuable programs provide the needed background and experiences to succeed in a rapidly changing transdisciplinary environment.

The traditional profile of undergraduates and graduates today in this challenging and rewarding environment is changing. We have students ranging in age from 15-87, single, married, with kids, and even grandkids. The reality is, a student pursuing science looks very different today, and as a result, provides wonderful diversity and perspective on our science that more closely represents our society. These differing backgrounds, combined with the academic opportunities at the center, provide a rich environment for learning and transformational experiences. 

Graduate Programs at HMSC


From genetics to trawling, microbes to whales, HMSC's graduate programs span the breadth of marine studies. Mentored by faculty and government agency scientists, students conducting research at HMSC gain real-world experience in transdisciplinary, interagency research. Exposure to a broad range of scientific collaboration enhances students’ knowledge and enriches their ensuing professional careers. While graduate students hail from a multitude of OSU Colleges and Departments, they share the experience of being part of a vibrant, interdisciplinary marine science community that continues far beyond commencement.




Here at Hatfield, Oregon Sea Grant's education program offers K-12 STEAM programming.  Oregon Sea Grant's education program is dedicated to increasing marine science literacy in the classroom and daily life for people of all ages and backgrounds. As part of that effort, we provide formal classes and labs for students of all ages, professional development support for science teachers, and a broad range of formal and informal learning opportunities for thousands of adults and children who come to the Oregon Sea Grant-operated Hatfield Visitor Center each year. All programs are built around marine science, tied to state and national STEM standards, and offer opportunities for learning, exploration, and fun. There are many ways to learn about marine science at Hatfield. Explore the best options for you!

Our pre-college programming involves partnerships with OSU and affiliated groups statewide, including Oregon Coast STEM Hub, Oregon Sea Grant, SMILE, and OSU PreCollege Programming.