Applied Economics @ HMSC


Specialists in Applied Economists use economic models and theory to inform a wide range of choices made by producers, consumers and policymakers. At OSU, this is applied to areas such as natural resources and the environment, agricultural marketing and food systems. Students studying in the Department of Applied Economics are prepared to be leaders in both the private and public sectors, armed with the tools to understand and provide solutions for society’s problems.

Our highly-ranked Applied Economics degrees train students in advanced economic theory and quantitative economic analysis methods leading to analytical and policy applications. The program emphasizes economic applications to real-world settings and cross-disciplinary collaborations in two primary fields: environmental and resource economics and development economics

  • The close proximity of federal agencies such as USDA, EPA, NOAA, USFWS, and DOE, and state agencies such as Oregon’s Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Quality, create unique opportunities to engage in research and collaborations with truly interdisciplinary faculty and researchers
  • Our program size allows for students to have frequent and focused interaction with our world class faculty, as well as small class sizes
  • Over half of our PhD degree recipients have been placed in academic positions; the others obtaining positions with consulting firms, state and federal research agencies, and research departments of major banks, industry, and trade associations