An exciting array of courses are available to undergraduate and graduate students in Fall. Students can live at Hatfield Marine Science Center and create their plan of study from courses in coastal and ocean science, resource management and policy, and outreach and education. The Fall program includes the signature field-oriented course in Coastal Ecology and Resource Management (CERM) FW 426/526. This five-credit course is taught by a team of faculty and agency scientists and is based at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.  The class consists of a 4-day intensive field lab and lecture series, followed by weekly seminars, discussions, and field trips for the term. Students learn basic biological, chemical, and physical processes of coastal habitats and some of the issues associated with human use of coastal resources.

Courses come from OSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife Department, College of Education, and College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. Topics range from marine mammals and coastal estuarine ecology to conservation biology and science education. Opportunities for research experience and internships provide additional pathways for students to gain experience in their fields of interest. 


FW 407 - Seminar: Marine Science 1 Fall
FW 426 / 526 - Coastal Ecology and Resource Management 5 Fall
FW 454 / 554 - Fishery Biology 4 Fall
FW 464 / 564 - Marine Conservation Biology 3 Fall
FW 469 / 569 - Methods in Physiology and Behavior of Marine Megafauna 3 Fall
FW 474 / 574 / OC 474 / 574 - Early Life History of Fishes 4 Fall
BI/ENSC/FW/OC 401 - Research and Scholarship 1-16 Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
BI/ENSC/FW/OC 410 - Internship 1-16 Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
OC 515 – Oregon Coast Math Camp 3 Fall intersession