Made up of faculty, staff, and students, the HMSC Green Team helps advance environmentally sustainable practices at Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Environmental Sustainability at HMSC


Discover some of the resources available at HMSC that can help your unit, personnel, and students have a lighter impact on our coast and the planet.  Green Team meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, from 9AM - 10AM via Zoom.
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NOVEMBER "Bring your cup to the café" Challenge


The Hatfield Marine Science Center’s Green Team invites you bring your own reusable beverage container to the new café in the Marine Studies Building. Not only is Ultralife happy to fill your reusable container, they will even give you a 25 cent discount on your beverage!

Help this become a community-wide practice. Post inspiring and celebratory photos of Hatfielders using their reusable mugs at the café during the month of November. #HatfieldEcoChallenge


Need a Cup?

Great news! The Hatfield Student Organization sells 15 oz. ceramic mugs for $10 each. What a perfect vessel from which to drink a beverage purchased at the MSB café! If you are interested in purchasing a mug contact to arrange a pick-up.

SOLVE Beach Cleanup

On September 25th, the HMSC Green Team co-sponsored a SOLVE Yaquina Bay clean up!



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Offset your Carbon Emissions
The Sustainability Office has created a request form for OSU units to offset carbon emissions from both ground transportation and air travel. To learn more about carbon offsets and the new voluntary program, visit the OSU travel carbon offsets page.

Single Use Plastic Bag Ban


Styrofoam Ban


Plastic Straws Ban