Green Team

Made up of faculty, staff, and students, the HMSC Green Team helps advance environmentally sustainable practices at Hatfield Marine Science Center.

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Environmental Sustainability at HMSC

Discover some of the resources available at HMSC that can help your unit, personnel, and students have a lighter impact on our coast and the planet.

Green Team virtual meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. Join online using this Zoom link.


Women working at sewing machines, a man fixing a bike, and women fixing electronics.

Join us at the July 20th REPAIR FAIR

Flyer for July 20th Community Repair Fair at Hatfield Marine Science Center

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Working Space

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Become a Green Gremlin

(the good kind)

Want to know how to be involved in the HMSC Green Team but can't make the monthly meetings? Consider signing up to volunteer for a simple task!

  • Green Gremlins needed to transport plastic film - The Green Team is currently looking for people who will volunteer to take the plastic film that accumulates in labeled bin in the Gladys Valley MSB mailroom over to the NexTrex bin at Fred Meyer or Safeway. Learn more and sign up to help


Plastic Films and Mixed Recycling bins in the mail room



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