Ocean Ecology Lab

Lab Description

At the Ocean Ecology Lab, we use science to support the management and conservation of marine species and ecosystems. Our three core areas of interest are animal movement, trophic ecology, and population dynamics. We use this information to identify where and when threatened, protected, and harvested species overlap with anthropogenic stressors, and to understand what the consequences of human impacts and management actions will be on the health and persistence of their populations. In the field, we use technology including drones, satellite and acoustic tags, and animal-borne video cameras to study movements, habitat use, and individual condition. In the wet lab we use stable isotope analysis and stomach content analysis to study trophic ecology. In the dry lab we use advanced quantitative tools to evaluate the drivers of population dynamics, from human impacts to environmental change and individual health. At every stage of the research process, we work closely with stakeholders, community members, and managers to ensure that our science has the greatest direct application to real-world issues and solutions.

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Principal Investigators
Josh Stuart
Assistant Professor
Research Area(s)
Marine Mammals