Majors at a Glance

Learning @ Hatfield


These OSU degree programs offer courses at Hatfield where students can explore coastal and ocean environments, learn fieldwork techniques and gain valuable hands-on experience in fisheries, marine mammals and birds, public policy, outreach and more.

Biology/ Marine Biology and Ecology/ Zoology

Students who are seeking a degree in Biology, with the Marine Biology and Ecology option or Zoology option from the Integrative Biology Department, can train in the area of life sciences. Students have an opportunity to conduct research in the field and the laboratory. Within the Biology major, you may choose the Marine Biology and Ecology option, which emphasizes research and includes experiential courses completed at HMSC (typically in spring term junior year). Students must apply in the preceding fall term for the spring marine biology and ecology course offering. The Marine Biology and Ecology option provides excellent preparation for graduate programs in marine biology.

Head Academic Advisory for Marine Biology and EcologyBrock McLeod, 541-737-2245

Academic Advisor for ZoologyJen Olarra, 541-737-2993

Bioresource Research (BRR)


The BRR curriculum requires biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, statistics, organic chemistry and biochemistry, as well as ethics class and technical writing. Each student chooses an area of concentration (option) such as climate change, food security, water quality, world health and sustainability.

Academic Advisor for BRR: Wanda Crannell, 541-737-2999

Environmental Sciences


The Environmental Sciences degree builds on the interdisciplinary strengths in the natural and social sciences at OSU. Our students learn broadly about environmental sciences from a variety of perspectives while deeply exploring one area of specialization.

Head Advisor for Environmental Sciences: Mary Chuinard, 541-737-2758

Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences (FWCS)


Students in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Sciences (FWCS) gain intensive fieldwork, networking and research experience while learning and living on the Hatfield campus in Newport. The FWCS program at the Hatfield Marine Science Center trains students to think critically about conservation, coastal ecology and the management of natural resources.

Head Advisor for FWCS: Misty Donaghy Cannon, 541-737-2646

Academic Advisor for E-campus students in FWCS:  Renee Albertson, 541-867-0384

Marine Studies


The Marine Studies degree program brings together natural and social sciences to create a new program focused on all aspects of the marine environment. Students focus on the social, political and cultural issues of coasts and oceans in the context of a meaningful understanding of marine natural science.

Academic Advisor for Marine Studies: Cynthia Leonard, 541-737-2781

Ocean Sciences


Oceanographers study all aspects of the marine environment and how it interacts with and influences the planet. This work is done in diverse environments – from coastal mangroves in the tropics to the ice-covered polar regions. Because the ocean is a hostile and challenging place, ocean scientists use a variety of approaches to study it, including satellite remote sensing, computer modeling, research ships, cabled observatories, and state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Head Advisor for Ocean Sciences: Mary Chuinard, 541-737-2758