Linking science, policy and practice


Students in the Marine Resource Management (MRM) master's program are trained to bridge the gap between science and policy. MRM combines the scientific study of marine environments with the social, economic, legal, educational and political processes that govern human uses of marine and coastal resources. Review the list of MRM courses.

The mission of the MRM program is to foster cooperative discovery and to learn about the conservation and use of marine resources. Our strength lies in our core values and principles, which guide everything we do. Our students and faculty know this, and our alumni, located around the world, are eager ambassadors for the program.

The MRM program: 

  • is rooted in natural and social science
  • links science, policy and practice to management and education
  • believes critical, creative and practical thinking is needed to advance disciplines and create effective policy
  • is committed to discovery, learning, and engagement in partnership

Our coursework is founded on core oceanography courses in CEOAS and includes courses in the natural sciences, the social sciences (including but not limited to marine law and policy, education, economics and culture).

We have five, flexible, interdependent areas of focus: 

  • Coastal processes, hazards, and climate change
  • Marine science education and engagement
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Pollution, invasive species and water quality
  • Marine industry (transportation, renewable energy)

Marine Resource Management Faculty Based at Hatfield:

Michael Banks Genetic characterization of natural populations, fishery subjects, & aquacultural species Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies (CIMRS)
Kim Bernard Polar zooplankton ecology Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Caren Braby Fisheries Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Itchung Cheung    
Tracy Crews Marine Education and Engagement Oregon Sea Grant
Sarah Henkel Benthic ecology


Christopher Langdon Aquaculture Fisheries and Wildlife
Kerry Carlin Morgan Science education, wildlife conservation Oregon Coast Aquarium
Fiona Tomas Nash Marine benthic systems

Fisheries and Wildlife

Leigh Torres Spatial marine ecology Fisheries and Wildlife
Shawn Rowe Free choice learning Science Mathematics and Education
Steve Rumrill Marine ecology & estuaries ODFW
Waldo Wakefield Marine fisheries & habitat Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies (CIMRS)
George Waldbusser Benthic ecology & sediment biogeochemistry

Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry