Lab Description

Predators are integral components of healthy marine ecosystems. They help maintain the systems that provide food, resources, recreation and income to our local communities.

In the Big Fish Lab we use a mix of techniques to understand the movements and behaviors of marine fish predators. We study the movements, behaviors, and energetics of large marine fish - notably sharks, mantas and tunas. Using a mix of electronic tags and hands-on field experiments, we work to gain insights into where they go, when they go, and why they go. We specialize in biologging tags, which allow us to hitch a ride with these animals and get a sneak-peak into their lives through a suite of sensors and cameras. By understanding these big fish and their role in our marine systems, we can better protect and manage our coastal ecosystems and resources.

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Research Area(s)
  • Ecology
  • Fisheries
  • Marine Tools and Tech
  • Shifting Ecosystems
  • ODFW
  • OSU
  • Sea Grant