Lab Description

The Molluscan Broodstock Program (MBP) works in partnership with the West Coast oyster industry to improve the performance of Pacific oysters through genetic selection.

The objectives of MBP are:

  • Improve Pacific oyster broodstock through selection to enhance commercial yields and other desirable traits
  • Establish a broodstock management program with industry for sustainable, long- term improvements in commercial production
  • Maintain a repository for genetically selected oyster families and cryopreserved gametes

Oyster families are planted in partnership with the West Coast oyster industry at sites in California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Families with the highest yields (meat weights) are identified and crossed to produce subsequent generations for selection. Selected broodstock and advice on broodstock management are provided to industry to enhance commercial production. Seed produced by the Molluscan Broodstock Program is cultured under conditions that exclude potential infections from harmful microorganisms and parasites. A repository preserves valuable genetic material for future applications.

Principal Investigator(s)
Research Area(s)
  • Fisheries
  • Shifting Ecosystems
  • OSU