Pacific Ecological Systems Division

Lab Description

The Pacific Ecological Systems Division (PESD) conducts innovative research on watershed ecological epidemiology and develops tools to assist stakeholders in achieving sustainable and resilient watersheds. Research focuses on terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal systems and how they are connected.  Scientists develop tools to monitor and predict the condition of these systems and their contributions to human well-being nationwide, with a special focus on the Pacific Northwest.  

PESD leads innovative research and predictive modeling efforts that link environmental conditions to the health and well-being of people and society. PESD advances research and tools for achieving sustainable and resilient watershed and water resources. PESD advances systems-based research to predict the adverse effects of chemicals and other stressors across species and biological levels of organization through the development and quantification of adverse outcomes pathways across multiple scales.

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Principal Investigators
Supervisor of the Pacific Coastal Ecology Branch
Research Area(s)
Shifting Ecosystems