Summer courses at Hatfield are hands-on. Students explore Oregon’s coastal and ocean ecosystems and their fantastic species diversity. They also have an opportunity to be trained in field and lab data collection and conservation approaches.

Oceanographic cruises, seabird and marine mammal observations, and field trips to coastal parks and marine reserves are all part of the learning adventure at Hatfield.


details about summer field courses on the Oregon coast

  • All students pay OSU in-state tuition. 
  • Summer session provides flexibility for both students interested in spending a full summer term at Hatfield and for students with more limited schedules. Courses are offered in two 4-week and one 3-week sequences. Students can earn 6-9 quarter credits in four weeks and 16-17 quarter credits in 11 weeks.
  • Registration for the summer session begins in April, and the first session starts in June.
  • Students enrolled in the summer program can live on-site in Hatfield housing and be close to classes, the Guin library, seminars, and recreational activities. For summer 2022, housing will be limited. Applications for summer housing will be accepted starting in April. Housing scholarships are available through the Cecil and Martha MacGregor Summer Housing Scholarship in Marine Science.
  • Learn about the travel options available for getting to the Hatfield campus including the Coastal Travel Assistance Program supported by Marine Studies Initiative at OSU. This program helps defer the cost of traveling to the coast, subsidizing tickets for qualifying purposes - classes, field trips, tours, lectures, events, and other degree-supporting work at Hatfield Marine Science Center.
  • The course schedule is listed below, though offerings are subject to change.
  • Due to the nature of the intensive format (lab and field experience), students may be assigned reading in advance to prepare them for each course. For the complete listing and prerequisites for summer classes offered at Hatfield, see the OSU summer schedule.

Registering for the summer session

Are you an OSU student? If yes, talk to your advisor and contact us about how courses on the coast can advance your degree. Registration is identical to registration for all OSU classes.

Are you from another school? We look forward to meeting you in Oregon! Many schools have tuition and credit transfer agreements with OSU. Please talk with your advisor and contact us for more information.



ART 399/499/599 Special Topics: Creative Coast (Cape Perpetua) MTWRF 4


SESSION 2 COURSES @ HMSC - (6/20-7/15)

For full-time course experience, select two courses

BI 353 - Pacific Northwest Coastal Ecosystems TTH 4
FW 302 - Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals MW 4
BOT 417 / BOT 517 - Phycology MWF 4
OC 201 Lecture / Lab - Oceanography T/TH 4
OC 433 / 533 - Coastal & Estuarine Oceanography TTH 3
FW 324 - Food From the Sea  MW 3
FW 301 - Field Techniques for Marine Mammal Conservation Sat/Sun (6/25-6/26) 1
PAC 247 - Surfing (see OSU course catalog) TBD 1


SESSION 4 COURSES @ HMSC - (7/18-8/12)

For full-time course experience, select two courses

FW 302 - Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals  TTH 4
FW 331 - Ecology of Marine and Estuarine Birds MW 4
OC 340 - Biological Oceanography TTH 4
Z 461/ IB 561 - Marine and Estuarine Invertebrate Zoology MWF 4


SESSION 5 COURSES @ HMSC - (8/15-9/2)

FW 498 / FW 598 - Aquaculture Laboratory M-F 3

FW 499 / FW 599 - Socioecology of Marine Megafauna



BI/ENSC/FW/OC 401 - Research and Scholarship credit available

BI/ENSC/FW/OC 410 - Internship credit available 

Below are PDF flyers for the above summer courses. (4/8/2022)

COVID-19 Updates

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