Impact of COVID-19 on summer courses at HMSC

Thanks for your interest in our summer course program! The health and well-being of everyone involved in summer programs at OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center is our top priority.

Currently (as of June 19, 2020):

  • Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) is planning to host limited research and academic programs for summer 2020 and safety is our top priority. HMSC will continue to support and encourage remote instruction/telework. We will make reasonable accommodations for faculty, staff, and students who are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and/or who are caring for family members impacted by COVID-19. The HMSC COVID-19 Resumption of Operations Plan specifically addresses the operation resumption plans of Oregon State University’s buildings on the HMSC campus to support limited, onsite, in-person activities. In response to COVID-19, our facilities and operations have been altered to protect the health and safety of all faculty, staff, and students on campus. We have sought guidance and collaborated with local county, University, and state-level experts regarding our resumption complexities, all of which comply with CDC guidelines. The HMSC COVID-19 Resumption Operations Plan was adapted from, and operates in conjunction with, Oregon State University’s (OSU or University) Pandemic Resumption Plan and addresses Oregon’s Health Authority and Higher Education Coordinating Commission’s Guidance for In-Person Activities at Oregon Universities. This plan is responsive to current health conditions and may be updated or changed at any time.

You can stay up-to-date with OSU’s status and planning on the university’s COVID-19 website. This webpage will be updated if there are changes to summer field programs. 

If you are not an OSU student, please contact your academic advisor from your home institution, HMSC Academic Programs or the Marine Studies Office.  All out of state students receive in-state tuition for summer courses.



Participate in a pinniped and cetacean necropsy! Observe seabirds at sea! Collect field samples aboard oceanography cruises! Courses within the Summer Program at HMSC provide students with an intensive hands-on field study of organisms in their natural habitats, coupled with interactive classroom or 'hybrid' course formats unless otherwise noted.

The 11-week term provides flexibility for students interested in spending a full summer term at HMSC and for those students with limited schedules (e.g., teachers and other professionals). Registration for the summer program begins in April, and the HMSC summer program starts in June. Housing scholarships are available.

All students pay OSU in-state tuition! Students enrolled in the summer program can live on-site in HMSC housing. Courses are offered in two 4-week and one 3-week sequence. Students earn up to 6-9 quarter credits in four weeks and up to 16-17 quarter credits in 11 weeks.

Due to the nature of the intensive format (lab and field experience), students may be assigned reading in advance to prepare them for each course. Please see the OSU summer schedule of classes for the complete schedule and prerequisites for classes offered at HMSC. HMSC Summer Session Course Block Schedule

SUMMER SESSION 1 COURSES via Ecampus - (6/22 - 9/4)

FW 302 - Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals 4
OC 201 - Oceanography 4



Summer Session 2 courses have been moved to Ecampus or On-site in Summer Session 4 and 5



BI 353 - Pacific Northwest Coastal Ecosystems 4 T/TH 8 AM-1:50 PM
FW 331 - Ecology of Marine and Estuarine Birds 4 M/W 1-6 PM
FW 464 / FW 564 - Marine Conservation Biology 3 M/WF 9 - 11:50 AM



BOT 417X / BOT 517X - Phycology 4 T/TH 8 AM - 3:50 PM
OC 433 / 533 - Coastal & Estuarine Oceanography 3 M/W/F  (*SAT, 8/22-Field Trip) 2 - 4:50 PM
Z 461/ IB 561 - Marine and Estuarine Invertebrate Zoology 4 M/W/F 8 AM - 12:50 PM

BI/ENSC/FW/OC 401 - Research and Scholarship credit available (1-16 cr.)

BI/ENSC/FW/OC 410 - Internship credit available (1-16 cr.)