The Innovation Lab is a hub for creativity and exploration, a place where ideas can be designed and built.

Idea - Prototype - Production

One of the gems of the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building is the Innovation Lab or iLab. This lab has space and equipment to take your project from the idea phase, to fabricating and testing a prototype, and into production.

This vast 2,563-square foot workshop will be filled with equipment for electromechanical design, CNC and manual machining, welding and fabrication, lathes, 3D design, modeling, printing and laser cutting. There will also be audio and video systems to support innovation in the marine sciences.

In addition, there is an art studio in the MSB. It overlooks the iLab and provides artists and scientists a collaborative workspace to explore the passion of the marine world.

iLab News

submersible camera system prototype

The iLab, in collaboration with CIMERS post-doctoral scholar Kyle Neumann, designed and developed the first prototype for a submersible camera system. It mounts to long-line fishing gear. The system will help researchers better understand the impact of long-line fishing gear on sensitive coral and sponge habitats. Currently, this first set of prototypes is being put to work with researchers in Alaska.