Key Features

The Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building (GVMSB) expands Hatfield’s footprint by 72,000 square feet, providing much-needed space for research, meetings, classes and conferences. The addition of the GVMSB allows Hatfield to build capacity, a diversity of labs and expand student programs anchored on the Oregon coast. This new space contains:

  • 6,000 feet of office space
  • 2,563 square-foot Innovation Lab
  • Three additional classrooms (providing seating for 20-36 students each)
  • 250-seat auditorium
  • Expanded chemical labs, computational labs and specialty labs
  • Two meeting rooms (seating for 16 each)
  • A cafe, the first ever on the Hatfield campus, will be located in the sunlit atrium. It will offer coffee, lunch and snacks featuring local food.
PLUS a Vertical Evacuation Center for the community!

The design of the GVMSB is an engineering model for coastal communities, providing an evacuation spot for up to 920 people in the event of a tsunami.

Innovation Lab

The iLab offers the space and equipment needed to take a project from the idea phase to production and on to market.

Carmen Ford Phillips Auditorium

A 250-seat auditorium will increase the capacity for scientific programming and community events.

Collaborative Research

The MSB adds much-needed lab space to the Hatfield campus. This setting will offer additional opportunities for scientific collaboration and student engagement.

Lobby and Cafe

A cafe, the first ever on the Hatfield campus, is in the sunlit atrium. It is operated by Rise Grab and Go Kitchen, and their menu offers coffee, lunch, and snacks featuring local food. Open M-F, 7:30 am - 2:30 pm.


Three new classrooms will support the interdisciplinary and experiential program for students in the emerging Marine Studies major.


Murals and sculptures from regional artists adorn the halls of the MSB. Learn more about our artist-in-residence, touring art exhibits and art throughout the Hatfield campus.