Mailroom Details


  • The Hatfield’s mailroom is located on the first floor of the Marine Studies Building (MSB), 2030 SE Marine Science Drive, Bldg # 916.
  • All mail and packages must be delivered and picked up from the mailroom in the MSB.
  • Courier and mail services will no longer be offered in the old location.


  • Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5 pm
  • Due to COVID, the mailroom is currently under limited operations with limited personnel onsite. Please plan accordingly and if you need mailroom support, please contact Tami O'Connor at 541-867-0203 or
  • The mailroom follows the university calendar, observing all university closures and holidays.
  • The mailroom will be locked and non-accessible after hours.


  • Shipping form (pdf)
  • Mailing and shipping services, including USPS, UPS and FedEx will continue to be available and must be charged to an Index number.
  • There is a variety of free Priority Mail and flat-rate boxes for UPS and FedEx available for use if needed.
  • COMING SOON: Shipping Support Offered
    • For a nominal fee, the HMSC mailroom personnel are available to process your shipment for you.
    • There will be a new shipping form to complete for all shipments from HMSC to ensure all the information needed to properly send and bill for packages is captured. It will be available online, as well as in the mailroom.


  • Only trained and certified personnel are authorized to approve packaging and shipment of ANY hazardous materials from HMSC. Hazardous shipments include batteries, specimens preserved in a solvent (alcohol, formaldehyde), lab chemicals/samples and packages with dry ice.  Please contact HMSC mailroom personnel at if you are planning to ship anything hazardous.

Mailboxes or bins are assigned to individuals or departments for incoming mail and deliveries.

Personal mail and packages can only be added to outgoing items if it already has been properly labeled and addressed.