Hatfield Onboarding

Forms for New Employee Onboarding

Welcome! Here you will find resources, including forms and policies needed to bring new employees, students, interns, and volunteers on board. For more information, email Cinamon Moffett or call her at 541-867-0126.

If you are on OSU’s payroll, please contact the HR coordinator for your unit regarding your HR paperwork. If you need more information, check out the OSU HR website.

Keys and Access

To get new OSU employees' keys and access, use the new Employee Onboarding Form (pdf) . Anyone needing a key to an OSU building, a desk or office in an OSU building, IT access, or a mailbox needs to fill out this form. 

Volunteer Form

For new OSU Volunteers and unpaid interns, print and have them complete the Volunteer Form. Supervisors must keep the completed form on file. Next, the visitor, guest, or intern should make time to see Cinamon Moffett. This gives us a headcount for safety response and helps us gather the data we need to support these HMSC visitors.

Space Use

Information about space use, including space request forms, can be found on the Space Use webpage.

Is your favorite form missing? Please check the HMSC Forms page and direct questions or feedback to Cinamon Moffett.