Labs & Equipment

Innovation Lab


Close up view of a machine wires and components.

Housed in the new Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building, this lab has space and equipment to take your project from the idea phase into production. You will have access to 3D printers, welders, lathes and other fabrication equipment to build prototypes and test and build your project. A full video production lab will help you take your project to market and promote your solution. If you can dream of the solution, it can become a reality in the new Hatfield Innovation Lab.

Seawater Labs


Top view of the seawater system tanks. PVC pipe tubes lead from tanks to a main water tube.

A variety of seawater labs at Hatfield offer access to a reliable, high-quality flow-through seawater system. Lab sizes accommodate anything from proof-of-concept proposals to complex aquaculture experiment set-ups.

The Experimental Seawater Facility is a shared lab designed for students and visiting researchers to utilize indoor, covered and outdoor tank spaces. Salinity, tank-level temperature control, and aeration are options of the flexible tank arrays. Volumetric, LED color band lighting control is also available. A dry control room offers equipment storage and workspace. WiFi and Ethernet access provide high-speed connectivity both inside and outside the facility. Take a look so we can find the right space for your project.

Computational Labs


Close up side view of the computer monitor with lines of computer code.

Our computation labs are dry laboratories designed explicitly for analyses using computer-generated modeling. Climate-controlled workstations and collaboration areas are wired with multiple ethernet access points.

Wet Labs


View of a lab with a sink, hood and lab tables.

The wet labs on the Hatfield campus are equipped with fume hoods, sinks, and chemical-resistant workbenches. We have both individual and shared open floor plan wet labs to fit your research needs.

Specialty Labs


Close up view of a centrafuge and lab.

Designed for specific types of equipment and research projects, Hatfield offers specialty labs including climate-controlled, electronic, ocean acidification, genetics, eDNA, and ancient DNA labs. 

Field Sites


PVC pipe tube used for monitoring that is attached to a rock in a tide pool.

The Hatfield campus is conveniently located on a deep draft estuary surrounded by miles of mud flats fringed with eelgrass beds, and it is only a short distance to open water. With sand dunes and beaches, the Yaquina River, coastal forests, and rocky intertidal sites just minutes away, access to a diversity of field sites makes Hatfield a natural hub for all your fieldwork. Learn more about the habitats surrounding the Hatfield campus.



Close up of scientific lab equipment.

A variety of scientific equipment for use or rent, including tanks, microscopes, water sampling meters and field gear. Contact the Research Program Manager for more information.