Artist in Residency Program

A sampling of a plein air works by Emy Daniels, a Hatfield artist-in-residence.


Located on the south side of Yaquina Bay, Hatfield Marine Science Center (Hatfield) serves as Oregon State University’s campus for research, education, and outreach in marine and coastal sciences. Residencies at Hatfield create opportunities for engagement with scientific and interdisciplinary research related to coastal and marine habitats as well as to the people whose work promotes and relies on their health.

The Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building has a dedicated studio and exhibit space to be used by an Artist in Residency Program. ‘Art’ is herein defined in the broadest terms to include the visual, spoken, written, and musical arts. The Artist in Residency Program is an essential component of our art-meets-science program at Hatfield.

On the left are three clear glass containers with ceramic shells, corals and stones. On the right, is a hanging sculture. It has several round and organic ceramic shapes mounted to a circular board.

The Vision

The vision for the program is to:

  1. Foster cross-pollination and communication among disciplines that are associated with or inspired by the marine environment.
  2. Expose natural science undergraduate and graduate students to art and humanities; and art, literature, and music students to natural sciences.
  3. Provide opportunities for professional artists, artists-in-training, scientists, and scientists-in-training to engage with each other.
  4. Enhance public awareness of the natural environment by providing accessible public events and displaying creative interpretations of the natural environment.
  5. Support the OSU humanities teaching faculty, graduate students, and regional artists by providing space and events to engage with the coastal community.
  6. Inspire younger (K-12) generations to engage with the marine environment and seek opportunities in diverse fields.

The Hatfield Art Committee establishes the policies and procedures associated with the Artist in Residency Program and oversees the selection. The Hatfield Director’s Office oversees operations.

Residency Length and Dates

Long-term residency: 3-11 months

Short-term visiting artist: less than 3 months

Availability for residencies and visiting artists: October - August

Application Deadlines: APPLICATION IS NOW CLOSED. Applications will open on March 15 each year and are due no later than April 15. Finalists will be invited to participate in an interview process. The final selected candidate(s) will be announced in early June.

Eligibility: Applicants should have experience with or an interest in marine and coastal environments and communities. Media include visual, spoken, written, and/or musical arts.

How to Apply

The application process is now closed.

Submit the following:

  1. Completed online application
  2. Resume (.docx, .doc, PDF)
  3. Examples of current work that showcase a marine and coastal focus.
  4. Contact information for two references (name, phone, email)

Additional Information for Artist Residencies

  • Access to, and engagement with, world-renowned marine scientists associated with OSU and campus partners including USDA, ODFW, NOAA, US EPA, USFWS, Oregon Sea Grant, and more.
  • Reliable high-speed internet and cell service.
  • On-campus café.
  • Access to Guin Library.
  • Shipboard opportunities may be possible.
  • Easy access to the Yaquina Estuary Trail to view native habitats and local birds and wildlife; nearby access to a diversity of coastal habitats (beaches, tidepools, dunes, estuaries, docks) and fishing communities.
Studio Space

The Artist in Residence will have access to the Hatfield Artist Studio, located on the second floor of the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building. The Artist Studio overlooks the Innovation Lab and is an inviting space for interdisciplinary collaboration. The Studio is equipped with basic art and science items such as easels, task lights, tables, chairs, and microscopes. Please speak with us about your specific needs.

Exhibition Areas

The wall area immediately outside of the studio is reserved for art exhibits in association with the utilization of the studio space. This is expected to be a dynamic area with frequently changing content. Visual art on exhibit should be displayed within the studio space that can be locked when the artist is not present. Any use of areas outside of the studio space will necessitate artist acceptance of a liability/loss waiver as the HMSC does not assume responsibility for the safe display of such work in a public building.

Hatfield's Expectations of Artists

These may vary depending on the artist and their work, with the primary goal being engagement with scientists, students, and the local community.

  • Regular use of the studio space
  • Regular “Office Hours” when Hatfield people can visit the space
  • Occasional “Open Studio” times when members of the public can visit the space
  • Occasional opportunities (workshops, lunch-n-learn, talks) for all to learn from the artist
  • Display of work as appropriate (in progress, upon completion, formal exhibit, etc.)
  • Artist is responsible for their own travel and living expenses, including transportation, food, toiletries, and laptop
  • Artist is responsible for facilitation and processing of all artwork sales
  • Regular check-ins with the Hatfield Art Committee about planned projects
  • Artist will abide by OSU policies and standards
  • A post-residency written testimonial about the experience
Artist Expectations of Hatfield

These may vary depending on the artist and their work.

  • $500/month stipend
  • Artist studio space is provided and accessible 24 hours a day
  • Scheduled custodial service
  • Assistance with hanging work as needed
  • Access to and support in the Innovation Lab, which boasts state-of-the-art equipment for electro-mechanical design, 3D design and printing, welding, and more
  • Collaboration with HMSC’s media and communications staff to support advertising events
  • Introductions to academic and research professionals, as well as opportunities to network with local stakeholders
Funding & Sponsorships

The program is funded through the Hatfield Director’s Office. The Art Committee invites local and OSU volunteer artists to participate in the program. Artists will be set up as an OSU vendor during onboarding to facilitate payments from potential OSU partner projects. We consider artists their own business entity, therefore all processing and sales of artwork are incumbent on the artist. There is no gallery fee, as a result the artist will receive 100% of proceeds from artwork sales.


The Hatfield campus, including the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building, Visitor Center, and Guin Library, are ADA accessible. The artist studio is on the second floor of the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building located near an elevator. For questions related to accessibility and accommodations, please contact the Hatfield Director’s Office.


The Hatfield Art Committee can be reached through Sheena Scarberry in the Hatfield Director’s Office:

Sheena Scarberry, Operations Manager
Email: [email protected]

Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive,
Newport, OR 97365

Marine Studies Bldg | #214