Jan. 26 – 27, 2024 | Newport, OR



We are honored and excited to have so many people attend our inaugural event. Thank you for being so supportive! If you were unable to get a ticket to the Big Blue Film Fest (BBFF), we hope you can join us next year as we plan to make the BBFF an annual event.

The BBFF showcases ocean-themed films at the confluence of marine sciences, humanities and the arts.

The festival aims to engage the community and provide a lively weekend of research-based entertainment. The festival also strives to raise awareness about marine issues and how we might solve them. We hope you can join us for an array of films, Q&As with filmmakers and special guests, and an awards ceremony to celebrate these wonderful ocean-themed films.

Films will be shown at Hatfield Marine Science Center's Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building auditorium in Newport. The BBFF is a collaboration with Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon State University, the Marine Studies Initiative, OSU Productions and community partners.

The BBFF Mission

The Big Blue Film Fest is hosted at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, OSU’s coastal research campus which has operated in Newport Oregon for 58 years. The campus is dedicated to education and exploration with classes, internships, research and community outreach. Our goal is to inspire, educate and captivate our audience members with science and ocean entertainment. Help us tell the stories that will shape our future understanding of one of our planet’s most important resources.

The Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building

The GVMSB on the Hatfield campus boasts the confluence of the marine arts and sciences that enhances student access to marine education at the coast with a contemporary auditorium, collaborative research labs, and an innovation lab. The building hosts permanent and temporary art exhibits, creating the perfect blend of science, art, and nature. This is where filmmakers and community members will mingle at our Friday night mixer.