Meet the Crew


The iLab employs a variety of researchers, technicians and student interns working on projects from deep in the ocean to flying above whales. Please contact the iLab if you are interested in learning more about employment opportunities or collaborating on an upcoming project! Send us an email.


iLab Manager

  • Instrumentation
  • Prototype development
  • Exploration and creation

Tool of Choice: Trak mill


2022 Interns

This summer, the Innovation Lab is hosting six full-time interns whose positions are funded by the Roundhouse Foundation.

iLab internships aim to provide students with hands-on experience relating to the design and development of a prototype. Interns' projects couple learning and applying engineering principles to tackle marine-focused problems. Each intern works on a specific project that they see through and also has the opportunity to pursue their separate interests.

Anabel Baker

Ecological Engineering, rising junior

Tool of choice: 3D scanner

Favorite thing about the iLab: There's a lot! It's empowering. There are all these tools at our fingertips. If you can think it up, you can probably make it here.

Idea job: Ocean engineer or marine technician

Genevieve Coblentz-Strong

Mechanical Engineering, Oceanography, rising junior

Tool of choice: The Allen wrench

Favorite thing about the iLab: I really like the 3D printers in the lab. Also, the natural lighting really appeals to me.

Ideal job: I'd like to be an ocean engineer, working on wave energy devices.

Camden Galen

Mechanical Engineering, rising freshman

Tool of choice: The water pressure (hydrostatic vessel) he built simulates the depth of the ocean in a controlled environment up to 277 feet/120 psi.

Favorite thing about the iLab: My favorite thing is how much I've learned. I'm much more prepared than most students coming into school. I get to know what the job's going to be like.

Ideal job: F1 (Formula 1) engineer

Andre Ollara

Mechanical Engineering, rising senior

Tool of choice: The welding equipment

Favorite thing about the iLab: The amount of equipment you have access too.

Ideal job: I'd like to run my own snowboard making company.

Rahulkumar Nalubandhu

Computer Science, graduate student

Tool of choice: Stepper motors and graphics smart controller

Favorite thing about the iLab: I really like all the experience I am gaining with CNC, automated machines and learning more about how they work. Each and every type of equipment I want to learn about is available here. I have all the stuff here.

Ideal job: I want to be an entrepreneur and help my family's company by making it completely automated.

Spencer Tanenholtz

Ecological Engineering and Oceanography, rising sophomore

Tool of choice: Raspberry Pie with wide angle micro camera

Favorite thing about the iLab: There is a lot of freedom to tinker, build and have a good time.

Ideal job: I want to build and use underwater sensors. I love scuba diving and want to use the equipment I build.