The iLab’s welding shop is equipped with a MIG, TIG, and a plasma cutter to support project fabrication requirements. The shop also has a welding table, grinder, and hand tools. Also, a CNC Plasma Cutter table is available to aid in cutting complex sheet metal contours for fabrication.


Lincoln PowerMIG 256

The POWER MIG 256 sets the standard for MIG and flux-cored welding for light industrial job shop fabrication, maintenance, or repair work. Diamond Core Technology Delivers a forgiving arc, excellent out-of-position arc stability, low spatter, and a wide voltage sweet spot at a given wire feed speed for steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.


Lincoln TIG 200

The Square Wave TIG 200 provides smooth and stable AC TIG welding on aluminum and DC TIG welding on steel, stainless steel, and chrome-moly. A user-friendly interface enables the operators to set it, forget it, and weld. The square wave 200 has advanced features yet is easy to use with its simple user interface and pulse feature. It has high-frequency starting, which makes it an ideal aluminum tig welder. It features built-in settings for more cleaning action and allows for wider or tighter arc configurations. It offers both tig and stick functionality. This Square Wave 200 will TIG weld up to 3/16" aluminum or 3/16" steel.


Lincoln TomaHawk1000

The Tomahawk 1000 plasma cutting system is portable enough to use on the job site and rugged enough to use on up to one-inch material in a production environment. So hook up the compressed air, grab the torch and start cutting.