Marine Science Day 2022

Local Science, Global Impacts!

Welcome to Marine Science Day 2022


Watch this video by Bob Cowen, HMSC's Associate Vice President, coming to you from somewhere off the Oregon coast on the R/V Sikuliaq.


Welcome to Marine Science Day! We have six virtual rooms you can visit - pick one or explore them all. There is a LOT to see and do, but don't worry that you'll miss out. This site will be up for a full year! And all the broadcast events will be recorded and posted on the HMSC YouTube channel.

Begin your visit here

  • LIVE EVENTS  Listen while researchers share their work.
  • KID ZONE  Fun for ALL ages! LIVE animal interactions and marine science activities!
  • RESEARCH & DISCOVERY  Explore dozens of interactive displays and learn how local scientists are making a global impact.
  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES TOURS  Take a peek at life behind the scenes, explore a world-class facility for research, dive beneath the waves without getting wet, and check out the new research vessel.
  • COMMUNITY ART  Visit the online gallery of art from the Hatfield campus and make and share your own art on the Art Wall.
  • GET INVOLVED LOCALLY  Whether you want to collect data, lend a helping hand, or continue to learn, there are lots of ways you can get involved with science activities near you.