Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sarah Gravem

Connecting our community above to the community below:

Recent changes in our kelp forest and rocky intertidal ecosystems in Oregon and beyond
  • 1 - 2:00 p.m.: Dr. Sarah Gravem, Research Associate in the Oregon State University Dept. of Integrative Biology and PISCO group (Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans)
  • Location: Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building auditorium
  • Moderated by: Cinamon Moffett, Hatfield Research Manager
ABOUT THE TALK: Learn how you can connect more deeply with our ocean, and how it’s connected to you in this keynote speech by Dr. Sarah Gravem, a research associate in the Integrative Biology Dept. at Oregon State University and PISCO (Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans). Gavem will discuss the changes happening on the Oregon coast and beyond that affect not only ecosystems, but also local human communities. Understanding and helping our ecosystems requires a partnership between scientists, managers and local people.
In this talk, Gavem takes the audience on an exploration of kelp forests and rocky intertidal systems to see how they are changing along our coast and why. She will showcase the connections between human and marine communities using stories from several groups to address urgent coastal issues. Gavem will talk about the Oregon Kelp Alliance (ORKA) and the current state of kelp forests, new kelp restoration projects, and the varied people working together to make our kelp forests and economy healthier.
Gavem will also discuss how the sunflower sea star recovery group is making big strides in bringing back this endangered top predator that eats the sea urchins, and how it may be one of our best tools for helping the kelp. Finally, she'll show you how to use your smartphone when you visit the beach to become the ‘first line of defense’ if a new marine mortality event occurs with the PRIMED Network (Primary Responders in Marine Emergent Disease).

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ABOUT THE TALK: Join award-winning author Ann Vileisis for a deep dive into the environmental history of abalone, based on her recent book Abalone: the remarkable history and uncertain future of California’s iconic shellfish.

Prized for their iridescent shells and delectable meat, abalone have a long, rich cultural history in California, but with increasing environmental stresses, these unique mollusks are now tragically imperiled.

From indigenous artisans, to bohemian writers, California cuisine, the popular sport of skin diving, and Marine biology, this illustrated lecture features historic images and compelling stories that braid together into a tale of epic proportions—ultimately affording an important perspective to help us better understand the challenges faced by all of marine life today.

Author Ann Vileisis is an independent scholar and award-winning author of three books that explore culture and nature through history.



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