Lab Dogs


Yak mom and daugther, Daisy and Sol.

While some members of the lab have cats, chickens, or yaks, our most common denominator is dogs. Just like the children’s book, “Go, dog, go!”, our canine companions come in all shapes and sizes and love a dog party! They walk with each other at lunch and frolic together on the beach after work. They accompany their humans on lab gatherings and camping trips and sulk when they are left home during research cruises.

Meet (above from left to right) Quin (Gleiber’s housemate), Mack (Swieca), Buoy (Axler), Chappy (Ivory), Elsa (Cowen/Sponaugle), and Wookiee (Fennie). Not pictured are Mercury (Briseño) and Roo (Wilson).

Just so no one feels excluded, here are a few shots of the “other” lab animals… Some (not saying who!) even have their own Facebook page.

Jami Ivory is the Hatfield Pup Pack leader. She organizes a Pup directory, newsletter, calendar fundraiser, and monthly social gatherings! Oregon is a great place to share with our canine friends!