Coupled Net Systems: MOCNESS

plankton samples on screen mesh


To enable synchronous sampling of larval fishes and their zooplankton prey, we coupled two existing net sampling systems (Biological Environmental Sampling System Inc.) to form a new, coupled MOCNESS. This involved joining a system with large mouth and large mesh nets (a MOCNESS 4 m2) with a smaller mouth and smaller mesh net system (MOCNESS 1 m2) to form a double, synchronous opening/closing net system within a single frame. Our recent projects involve sampling with the coupled MOCNESS alternating with ISIIS sampling to enable the examination of biological specimens in the context of their fine-scale planktonic environment.

coupled mocness
researchers assemble netting on MOCNESS sampling equipment

Equipment Description

Guigand CM, Cowen RK, Llopiz JK, Richardson DE. 2005. A coupled asymmetrical multiple opening-closing net with an environmental sampling system. Mar Tech Soc J 39: 22-24

Publications combining MOCNESS and ISIIS sampling

Gleiber MR, Sponaugle S, Robinson KL, Cowen RK. 2020. Food web constraints on larval growth in subtropical coral reef and pelagic fishes. Mar Ecol Progr Ser